A Little Story


A Walk Back in Time

1996 I left Europay talking about the mobile wallet.

My cards designed by me

Unfortunately the Wayback machine archives stuff and fifteen years ago is a long time. In 2010 the presentation was still out there.

From then we jump forward ten years to 2006 ..\presentation\My Wallet 2.pdf.

The dream, build a business concept to reduce my pockets to a 5 card brick, Secure Element and touch screen on the front, ePaper screen on the back High definition 3D camera, fingerprint scanner, …. equipped with QR, BLE, NFC, WiFi and 3G/4G and now 5G to communicate credentials, digital signatures and stuff with the merchant, issuer, government, social media platform whom ever we have a digital relationship with.

The following are the artifacts of a presentation on the website since I cannot remember when.

This was simply a snapshot of my pockets, purse and wallet.

a snap shot in time

I apologize, what I just hoped to show you was the origin and Prior Art to protect the open concept of a mobile wallet capable of carrying all our cards, receipts, coupons …. when I first found the archive all the pictures where gone or renamed. Today everything has disappeared, probably on some storage media in some cave somewhere out there.