In November of 1996 I had the opportunity to work with Unicate BV and their unique and revolutionary technology “3DAS”.
Operating as an advisor to the management team PA&A worked to develop 
solutions to bank card processing based on 3DAS.  

Moving from the physical use of plastic payment cards at standard electronic point of sale equipment PA&A worked with Unicate BV to
develop secure and cost effective solutions to the issue of Trust.

The result was a concept Unicate BV code names e*merge.

The following link provides access to the e*merge business and functional specifications and a presentation on the underlining 3DAS technology.

PA&A believes that this technology desires serious consideration.  The result, as evaluated, provides a profound level of security much more powerful than the use of large numbers as proposed by cryptographers to secure date in a world governed by Morse’s law.

3DAS a Means of Cost effectively solving the problem of Digital trust


What is 3DAS