Philip is a critical thinker, driven by creativity and complex problem solving

Offering thought leadership to executives, start-ups and organizations

In the digital identity, electronic payments, mobile services, IoT,  financial services and  transaction processing

Capable of supporting your solution architects,
roduct development team and project managers
By facilitating conversation, driving the definition
of requirements and assuring the team it has considered everything 

Resume, Bio and CV

BIO Philip Andreae    Philip Andreae Resume    Philip Andreae Consultant

Inclusive Innovation
A group focused on Inclusive Growth

Advisory to Arcanum Technologies

Philip is ready to work with and appreciates the challenges investors, FinTechs, financial institutions, merchants, issuers, acquirers, processors and networks face as they address the application of cryptography, tokens credentials serving the needs of digital identity and  electronic payments.

In both the physical and digital world

A reflection on yesterday tomorrow

Over the last decade Philip has focused on three strategic initiatives:

  • Authentication

Beginning with a 1982 introduction to Multi-Factor Authentication, Secretary of the Board of the FIDO Alliance.  Standards to replace passwords and create a more secure and ever so convenient means of Digital Authentication

  • Identification and Credentials

Fully embracing the  on the migration of payment credentials (Tokens) from card to new form factors; such as mobile devices and wearable(s).

  • Assure the Implementation of EMV in the United States of America

By evangelizing and providing industry leadership as issuers and merchants worked together on a 15 Billion Dollar investment.

Board level and international experience

Implementing, evangelizing, and developing technologies in: financial services, healthcare, payments, cards, mobile, networks, securities & commodities trading, energy, and government.

In depth exposure to and experience with payment solutions ranging from credit and debit cards to faster payments, same day settlement, ACH, wire, S.W.I.F.T. and various person to person payment solutions.