B2B and B2C Commerce Demand a mechanism to replicate trust in this new digital world.


Technicians, military men and cryptographers recommend the use of Mathematics based on the theory of large numbers.

 "The longer the number, the longer it will take you to break"

The result

Unicate BV.  A Dutch company developed the most unique means of assuring 



The Ultimate Secure Internet Payment Mechanism

I    Guaranteed Identity

II    ePayments

III    The Future of Current Solutions

IV    Identity Irrefutability The Solutions

V    The Ultimate Internet Authentications and Payments Solution

Appendix 1 - 3DAS™ The Ultimate in Security

Appendix 2 - 3DAS™ Identification and Irrefutability

Appendix 3 - The Architecture of E*MERGE®

Appendix 4 - Consumer Mobility - The E*MERGE® Difference

Appendix 5 - System Components of E*MERGE®

Appendix 6 - Consumer Enrolment in E*MERGE®

Appendix 7 - Merchant Enrollment in E*MERGE®

Appendix 8 - Exception Processing With E*MERGE®

Appendix 9 - SET Clear Motivations & Technically Complex