The Camera

Ah Yes, the camera.  Lens on space along with the microphone and headset; a wonderful voyage into the personal and virtual world.

In 1996 while preparing my exit from Europay.  I launched PA&A based in Switzerland – resident in Genval, Belgium.  I got really busy exploring mobility, smart cards, electronic payments.  Each viewed from multiple angles.

The following rendering was produced to illustrate the idea of merging leather and technology into a viable companion.

Smart Phones became affordable and the capability to merge the PDA with the mobile phone allowed early adopters to embrace and explore.

My Wallett Circa 2012


Given the adventure with Unicate and embracing identity as the key to authentication.  The idea of you and I each being a singularity sat comfortably within.

With a word processor in your hands and a browser at your fingertips, …  Apple launches the iPhone to tremendous acclaim.  Google Pay – SIM-MNO PAY had been tried. HCE was making things much easier, but, not on an Apple.  Where was the microphone and would people embrace the Chiclet keyboard.

Notes go electronic and the dream of a common control unit emerged,  The Net PC may have had something to do with the thinking and Now the Raspberry.

  • Camera always with us
  • Selfies the norm
  • Dreams and Experiences to Record
  • Lots of: battery Life, memory space. computation power
  • Rich Operating system
  • Office
  • Secure Execution
  • Secure execution & storage

In the end all we want is something that can store, display, present and upload your credentials often delivered to you on a card. KPMG Search beating heart banking.

My Wallet Two page write up
My Wallet 2

An Original design as the iPhone emerged

Defining mCommerce

2006 Public Patent

Original version of what you just saw

Words and Cando