Who is Philip


Philip is a mature executive with experience working in business and technology supporting corporate growth. My career can be seen at least three decades, in an career with another 20 to go.

Mobilizing Technology and Building Infrastructure

Bankers Trust, Chemical Bank, Citibank, MBank, Bank of Montreal, Prudential Bache, EF Hutton Shearson Lehman/American Express, Solomon’s, Shearson Lehman Europe.

Management, design, and integration of advanced technology into trading rooms on Wall Street and the City of London. Between 1987 and 1990, my objective was to downsize by 25% until it included me, the ex-pat.

Business Management & Strategy

Now in the card payments world as General Manager of EPSS the IT Company serving MasterCard, EuroCard, and eurocheque in Europe, Eastern Europe, Israel, North Africa, and Russia,

The definition of business and corporate strategies working with the Board, the Members/Owners, and the Committees to achieve: buy-in, support, and approval of long range global, interoperable, and secure industry initiatives in standards, specifications, and coop-etition.

In 1996 a management consultant based in Brussels, providing services to organization such as IBM, AT&T, Oracle, Unicate, and Fortune 1000 assignments and numerous startups in the early days of the Internet.

I moved back to North America taking on the build of a data base model for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota Internet healthcare portal.

Driving industry and country wide deployments
2002 off to Toronto to drive the adoption of EMV, Smart Cards “Chip and Pin” for Visa.

In 2004 once more a management consultant, focusing on business and technology strategy functions at the C-level.

The focus was on learning about fare-collection and mobile payments, while working with companies who need to do Chip and PIN, expand into Canada, and supported various technology innovations.

Mid 2007, if the Canadian chip story was not underway, then it was not going to happen by 2010.

August 2008 getting ready to tackle the US market. September 15th I listen to my old Boss Dick Fuld bankrupt Lehman Brothers. Days later.

March 2010 – Sept 2010 – assignment to define Payments Strategy for Lowes proposed introduction of an end to end payment service connecting from the EMV authorization request at a complaint reader to the settlement processes that happen days later.

January 2011 – American Express – Global EMV Product Manager. Member of the EMVCo working party.

Wallet believer

Next decade

Available and looking forward to helping you succeed.