4 at 4 – Leadership driven by critical thinking

Four a Quarter

4 a Quarter means you reserve four hours of PA&A time over a 90 day interval, to use as you choose.

Services offered under the retainer include: Facilitation, Ideation and Mentoring.

One on one brainstorming conversations and chats.

Offer concepts and ideas to stimulate growth, margin, relief, cash and a future.

Any work shops, project management, product development or presentation preparation is considered additional to the retained services.

Seminars and Webinars involve agreement to the meeting objective before the meeting.  PA&A takes responsibility to form a work stream to discover the points of confusion and indecision.

Extracting and documenting both what exists and what is wanted, into a requirements document.

Design the present as the past of the future

If you re-engineer mush – All you will have is re-engineered mush

Take advantage of the knowledge of the ages