The 90’s an end to the twentieth Century

Business Management & Strategy

  • 1991 join the card payments world as General Manager of EPSS the IT Company serving MasterCard, EuroCard, and Eurocheque in Europe, Eastern Europe, Israel, North Africa, and Russia,
  • The definition of business and corporate strategies working with the Board, the Members/Owners, and the Committees to achieve: buy-in, support, and approval of long-range global, interoperable, and secure industry initiatives in standards, specifications, and coopetition.
  • In 1996 a management consultant based in Brussels, providing services to various organizations: IBM, AT&T, Oracle, Unicate, other Fortune 1000 assignments plus numerous startups pre Dot-Bomb.
  • September 2001, Philip moved back to North America to build a database for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota’s healthcare portal.