Letter to Senator Perdue

Senator Perdue,

Your canned response leaves me wondering if you are focusing on your goals.

I ran for the U.S. Senate because, like you, I was frustrated by the direction our country was going and fed up with business as usual in Washington.

Now we must live with a liar living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. We have two parties driven apart by what?

As an outsider and business guy, I saw an opportunity to shake things up; but we can only get the job done by listening to you. Your input helps me focus on the issues that are affecting millions of Georgians like yourself, and lets me know how Washington can better answer to you.

Addressing Gun Control, assuring women the right to decide, focusing on our global responsibilities, addressing the education of young Americans assuring the future of our country and its economy. 

We need to make sure every American, no matter what their Zip Code, is given a world-class education. They are the human resources we need to continue to innovate and improve the lives of the global population.

Finally, our environment and its climate have been altered by human activity. Yes, the climate is not static. Yet, if we change the balance we speed up processes that should take thousands of years not decades.

From reining in out-of-control spending and growing our economy, to tackling our national debt crisis, there is no shortage of big problems that need to be addressed.

The last time we had a balanced budget was under President Clinton. Since then and before then; we did not focus on balancing the budget. I believe we need an amendment that demands Congress and the Executive branch to maintain a balanced budget, if not a surplus. Reducing taxes while increasing spending makes no sense.

We must also address the inequity of wealth distribution. 1% of the population controls and holds more than 50% of the wealth. When such disparity occurs revolutions typically follow.

Rest assured that your message is being reviewed by the appropriate member on my team.

Each answer I have received from your office reads like a canned response. I did once speak to one of your staff. They said they would get back to me. They never did.

Please continue to reach out to me with your thoughts and concerns, and I will keep working on your behalf to get the results that you deserve.

I will