Next Steps

Raise Money:

250,000 to set up shop and begin negotiations with hardware, purse and wallet suppliers

Launch release one of Cando within 3 months, in the form of the Pendant and Independent Coin Offering.  The pendant becomes the key to unlocking your identity.  If you lose, it it can be replaced.  You get three for the price of one on your first registration.  First Registration is NIST 800-63-3 IAL-3 and a physical interview when the first three pendants are delivered to the individual.  The distribution channels.  Drug Store, doctors offices, lawyers office, court house where you and your documents can be inspected.  People are told to buy a fourth and put it in a vault and update it once an event.

Remember the prize is the Registrar.

Based on deep conversations with Pritesh, Wynand, Beau, Joan and I.  We launched an initiative to create a Expert Technician and Compliance Logic and AI Expert knowledge Engine.  This initiative needs a first project and the Cando Intuitive Engine is frankly the key to the concierge service, therefore if funded  team can focus on teaching the systems to learn how to learn.  Simultaneously we continue to pursue the Augmented Expert Reality experience, specifically around complex machinery.

For Cando start by developing relationships with master builders of ships, homes, aircraft, yachts, cars, scooters and bicycles

Prototype BLE enabled Merchant loyalty program designed around the shopping experience with payments in the background not a distraction.  Yes, accepting responsibility to pay. now that is a different matter.

Build and code Blockchain compliance knowledge is still a decision of the group and should; become  a work in progress.

We need to engage with associations, liaison with governments.  Develop trust and open relations.Back when we started building trading rooms human ergonomics was a critical factor in the design of the working space.  In this case the executive wanted to be able  see the dilation of their pupils.

Later this became less relevant as work went virtual.  Rents rocketed upward.  Space was a cost not a place.  Our identity gets wrapped up in our experiences and many of our credentials result from our experiences.

Bring institutions to the table must be a high priority and leveraging existing bodies is in the best interest of everyone.

We then move to funding.  If we can create a viral campaign, we focus on self reliance and survival.  We emphasis the inherent risk and our inherent responsibilities.  For one pendant we will create one coin on a chain of your choice.  When we go live your coin becomes three pendants from a pool of 100 million, plus the cost of the jewelry.  Wood, Gold, Silver, copper, stone

1 coin per pendant


/images/Wallet_Pockets/next_steps.htm Circa 2009

Device matched to the pendant at a physical endpoint.  Let’s talk about this.

This is called Identity Verification, Identity Authentication, Identification

Let’s call it proofing.

3DAS has an interesting uniqueness that defeats quantum.  It is a physical object that is properly recorded so as to create a template with jittery elements.

You only insert it into something you know is new or you factory reset.

We start your registry, fresh on your machine unlocked with your second factor.

You encrypt and sign the data which represents you and return a copy to Cando.  We then make a commitment to each other to maintain a copy Cando can use to restore one of yours.  Assuming you enable updates, every interval relevant to you.  With this set, we will then be able to restore your unit to that last update moment;

To restore you simply insert two or more of your pendants, when you receive the device, signed for at the door.  Chain of delivery is important.

Self Sovereign should be the end state architecture

You as a individual have a Genesis block created using any and all of the existing schemes and protocols.  This Genesis block then has three nodes.  One in the Puche, and one in each of the marbles.  The ledger is simply the UDI of the instructions (log) required to record the event that led to the signing of the Blob.  The event is now recorded on this chain simply carrying pointers to the signed data held someplace(s), on behalf of the participants to the transaction.


Set to Roll January 2019