A Walk Back in Time

Originally established on Manhattan Island in 1983, Philip Andreae established PA&A as a project manager and capital markets trading room specialist focused on the integration of voice, video and digital technologies on to the desks of sales and trading professionals.

In 1990, PA&A was re-establishing in the City of London to manage the integration of advanced digital technologies onto the desk of sales and trading professionals.

Philip entered the world of card payments as the general manager of the EPSS the technology company. He then joined the executive team responsible to merge EPSS with Eurocheque International and Eurocard International. As Director of Information Technology of Europay, he led the redevelopment of the Europay authorization, clearing and settlement system. In 1993 in conjunction with MasterCard and Visa he  drove the development of the EMV specifications designed to address global payment card fraud and assure global interoperability. With the emergence of the Internet, he and his team began to focus on developing mechanisms to address the security of payments in this new digital market place. In 1996, PA&A re-established itself in Europe based out of Brussels, with Philip as a management consultant focused on smart cards, payment systems, disruptive technologies and frequently serving as an interim executive.

After driving the Board of Visa Canada to embrace EMV in 2003, Philip spent a number of years in the Canadian market helping Issuers, processors and merchants understand the implications of EMV.

Returning to the U.S. as the migration to EMV began, Philip focused on the development of the successful implementation of EMV for both payments cards and mobile devices on behalf of Oberthur Technologies. In this role, Philip assumed active roles with the Smart Card Alliance, FIDO International, and the EMV Migration Forum.

Now that the migration is well underway, PA&A is relaunching as a management consultant operating out of Atlanta, GA. The focus is on education, stimulating innovation and offering thought leadership as the market embraces connected objects, digital identity, authentication and cyber security.

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