PA&A an organization with International flavor

Philip Andreae & Associates dates its formation back to 1983, when Philip was working in Manhattan, down on Wall Street.

PA&A established itself as

  • A project management team and
  • a specialist in the technology used on capital markets trading rooms
  • The focus was on the integration of voice, video and digital technologies on to the desks of sales and trading professionals

In 1990, PA&A was re-establishing in the City of London to manage the integration of advanced digital technologies onto the desks of Smith New Courts sales and trading professionals.

In 1991 Philip moved to Brussels and entered the world of card payments as the interim general manager of the EPSS, the technology company owned by eurocheque, Eurocard and MasterCard in serving all their members in Europe. When Europay was created as the merging of Eurocard, eurocheque and EPSS, Philip was asked to join the executive team as the Director of Information Technology.

In this CIO and IT Strategy role

  • He led in, coordination with MasterCard, the redevelopment of the Europay authorization, clearing and settlement systems.
  • In conjunction with the executives of MasterCard and Visa, published the EMV specifications.
  • With the emergence of the World Wide Web, he lead the developing of mechanisms to authentication the cardholders assure security of payments in this new digital market place.

In 1996, PA&A re-established itself in Brussels and worked in Indonesia, Germany, UK, Switzerland, France and Holland.  In September of 2011 to serve Blue Cross Blue Shield Philip moved to St Paul.

Throughout this period PA&A focused on

  • The value and position of various companies in respect to smart cards
  • The nature and ecosystem of payment systems
  • The introduction of disruptive technologies
  • Various roles as an interim executive
  • Development of a Health Care portal

In 2003 Philip lead the Board of Visa Canada to embrace EMV and to promote the use of 3D-Secure.

in 2004 Philip relaunched PA&A in Toronto and spent a number of years in the Canadian market helping issuers, processors and merchants understand the implications of EMV on their environments.

In 2008 philip returned to America in a motor home.  Philip recognizing the USA was ready to consider the migration from magnetic stripe to EMV, PA&A focused on the development of the successful implementations of EMV for both payments cards and mobile devices.  He worked as a subject matter experts helping Shell, WorldPay, Southern Company, Loews, American Express and Accenture understand the implications of changing the technology behind card payments.

In 2013 Oberthur Technologies now IDEMIA reached out and asked Philip to become their evangelist and promote the excellence of their secure payment cards, identity card and support of mobile payments.  He took  active role within the  the Smart Card Alliance,  EMV Migration Forum now the US Payments Forum, and more importantly as secretary of the FIDO Alliance.  He also was a media spokesperson and frequent speaking at industry conferences.

Now with the EMV being Business as Usual.

PA&A is operating out of Atlanta, GA. The focus is on the emerging requirements to develop solutions for