2009 Google Ponders Mobile Payments

Originally posted 2009-10-29

I read a post about Google and their then plan for mobile payments and thought why not record my thoughts.

The question is what will the winning payment solution be in the end. It must be simple, fast, security (increasing with value) and able to support various payment options.

Smart Cards are said to be a viable mechanism to make it happen. Mobile phones grab the lime light. I think we end up with 4 cards each representing a measure of security that we can interface either through a 7816, 14443, magnetic stripe or …

First Look: Google Wallet "Pay by Gmail" (and the Pain of Authentication)

We can write what we want.  To the four card networks it is the question os the party that provides the trust (MasterCard/Visa, Government … ) the guarantee of payment to the merchant.

Our Mobile device slowly replaces the wallet as it absorbs the content and reduces it down to graphic images and blocks of information.  Our screen is the size of today’s card and will offer forensic specialists to recognize that it is a authentic image of the card they issued.

The card still remains essential therefore more durable Card as this one demonstrates.