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I agree with the actions you are all taking, yet. I am not a democrat nor a republican. Constantly begging me for a donation creates friction.

When a party emerges that is in the middle and represents

  • The fiscal values by focusing on the PEOPLE not the lobbyist, billionaires and companies with deep pocket.
  • The social responsibilities including but not limited to universal healthcare, the economy, equal education and the environment.

When these values which I hold dear become the focus on a party, then maybe.

All I see today is Greed, Pride getting in the way of common sense and mutual respect. All I hear is ugly noise from both parties. I see a city frozen. The election of President Obama created a racial divide. Washington now smelling like a cesspit, not just the swamp Trump spoke of.

We, through our electoral system, elected Donald Trump.

Am I happy

  • With the mess he has created with taxes, the economy, tariffs, immigration, the courts
  • With how he is treating Canada, Europe, Mexico and so many others
  • With what he has done to international treaties and trade
  • With his denial that humans have and do effect the planets environment climate Change is real


Does it bother me that:

  • He is coddling the strong men of this world like Kim, Putin …?
  • The consequences of tariffs on Global trade are not part of the dialogue?
  • We do not understand the USA is no longer a manufacturer
    • We are a place where innovation drives invention.
    • We are a service economy and must focus on keeping these jobs here.


Let him get on with doing his job. Yes the legislator must do its job and make sure we have a check and a balance. We must restore order and civil discourse.

That said, the press needs to spend less time talking about him. Yes, the press must do its job and be allowed and pushed to continue to do its job. They should highlight what is being done and what some think. But hours of talk only makes the divide wider. Today for any sensible individual to understand the reality one must watch BBC, CNN, FOX, CBS, PBS, NBC, and how many others to filter truth from spin.

We must restore respectful dialogue.

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”
Romans 12:2

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