Letter to President Obama

Sir my thoughts for your consideration,

I envision a country that is a global leader, that inspires strong work ethics.  I wish to live in a country that does not dole out money to those that claim need only those that are in need. 


Our constitution, the oath of office and our money all reminds us that we trust in God.  So therefore we must respect his laws and embrace the standards he has set for us.  I agree in a separation of Church (the organization) and State (the government).  What I do not agree is that this statement leads us to a secular state that does not respect moralities long established and given as commandments by God.


I believe in improving our health care system so that it is affordable and not a place for profiteering.  I am amazed at how expensive our health care system is and wonder why countries like Belgium, Canada, United Kingdom and Switzerland have equal care (not always timely for elective surgery) at a much low price per capita.  I see insurance companies and big business profiting from a health care systems that should be about cost plus services and not revenue and enormous profits.  I believe that the doctors should be responsible to administer the system while at the same time held accountable for the costs of the system.


I believe in a strong defense and think that we should have a civilian militia, but not guns in the hands of anyone who wants to go out and buy machines of mass destruction.  I am not sure where I stand on Iraq, North Korea, Islamic fundamentalism and other places where democracy is abused and people in power abuse the people they are suppose to serve.  I do not know if we are the global police force but I know we must play a strategic role. 


I believe that the world is not one country, it is many states that must share in our planets resources and more importantly must protect our planet for our children and theirs.  We cannot thrive while others wither.  We cannot take advantage for our own benefit or we destroy what is God’s gift to man (and woman).

Freedom of Religion

Religion is a power force that is out of control.  Some of those with Islam as their faith wish to rid the world of those that do not share their beliefs.  Is Christianity any better, do we forget the atrocities of history.  I believe that we must insist that we the people respect God’s Ten Commandments and most importantly the two that Jesus taught us.  Love God and Love your neighbor.

Due process

I believe that the process of government (driven by big money, lobbyist and special interest groups) does not represent the will of the people.  We live in an age of technology, where we can us the Internet to put issues in front of the people and ask them to vote.  if we reflect on the definition of democracy we must remember that it is by the people not simply their representatives.  We should reflect on what democracy could become given the Internet and telecommunications.  We should think more about referendums, much like Switzerland does. 

Our republican form of government, I do not mean the party, is not a democracy; we are a republic that claims to be a democracy.  We should strive to exploit technology to create a true democracy. 

What see is that our republican government has flaws and does not have safe guards to assure us that our leaders vote the wishes of the majority.  Instead they fall into the trap of voting with those that can afford to buy their favor.

Greed and corruption

I think Wall Street is run by people that are only interested in lining their pockets through greed with Gold.  Salaries and risks need to be managed in a way that makes sure they seek to represent the interest of all the stakeholders and not just the interests of the speculators and sometimes shareholders.  Derivatives and the instruments of mathematics have created a trading environment designed to make those that can play the game rich, at the expense of the people who believe that others will look after their interests.

The environment

I believe that we are not offering the world a good example of how to be proper stewards of our planet and the biosphere we live in.  How can we expect others to cut back on carbon emissions and other diabolical chemicals pouring into the atmosphere, oceans, rivers and land if we sit and consume 25% of the world’s resources and represent less than 6% or the global populations?  How can we think that others will not follow our example and do what we should do if we don’t do it ourselves?  We must lead by example.  We must suffer the pain of finding ways to conserve energy, reduce pollution and clean up the environment before we complain about what China and others are doing as they race to catch up.


I believe that we are over taxed and under served.  Too much goes to special interest groups.  If the people can see that their money is well spent and they benefit from the spending then we are willing to pay for the services rendered but if money is spent to help foolish people then we ponder why must pay. 

Land Use

I give two examples.  The Mississippi flood plain, will flood it is natural and the way the environment works.  If we let people build in these areas then the rest of us should not have to rescue them they must suffer for their own mistakes?  Now I do not wish to sound too callous, how were they to know that every hundred years the flood plain will be covered in water?  Well then Government should study and provide the zoning restrictions designed to make sure land is used intelligently.  The other is the fires and mud slides in California these will happen it is the way of nature.  We should not permit people to build in these, although beautiful, areas and then expect the government to come to their rescue.  If we want to live in places that are going to be destroyed by acts of nature then we should be held responsible for our own decisions and not expect the people to come to our rescue.  This being said we must be prepared since there will always be something we cannot control, like a meteor striking the planet or Yellowstone turning into a volcano.  But then we do know that these things can and ultimately will happen. 

So, yes prepare, but also insist the wer plan at the individual level, and shift our attitude – expect not from the government.  We must take responsibility for your own decisions and risks.

The Champagne Class of Income

Our economy is out of control when so much wealth can be concentrated in the hands of so few.  What did they do that affords them the right to amass wealth beyond belief.  If they do let them live a great life but make sure we tax them or demand that they invest in charities and good works.

Corporate Growth

We must maintain an attitude that is about keeping and bringing job to the United States.  It must be rational and not subsidies.  Farm subsidies do not assure a balance on a global scale.  Yes we must be self sufficient but when we create mountains of unused produce simply to make sure the farmer makes a lot of money something is wrong.  If we price food so that people cannot afford to eat then we are messing up the planet.  There is enough food to feed the world but it is not priced to feed the world.  Stop subsidizing what is not rational and once again lead the way.  Europe will follow if we lead and then food will be available for the poor in Africa and Asia.  As to corporations they must stop thinking about the next three months and the value of their shares.  They must remember their responsibility as stewards and focus on stakeholder value not shareholder value.  A country without employment is a country without consumption.

My request

I see a need for radical change that must be the will of the people.  Your job, as president, is to figure out what we want (the majority) and then lead us to achieve.  In the end, government is for the people.  Unless it can serve then it is not of the people.

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