4 at 4

Four a Quarter

4 a Quarter means you reserve four hours of PA&A time over a 90 day interval, to use as you choose.

Services offered: Facilitation, Ideation, Product, Process, Program & Project Management, SWOT and Quorum Leader.

Seminars and Webinars involve agreement to the meeting objective before the meeting.  PA&A takes responsibility to form a work stream to discover the points of confusion and indecision.

Any project, product or Presentation work is considered additional to retained services.

Extracting and documenting both what exists and what is wanted.
Into requirements documents.

One on one brainstorming conversations and chats.

Offer concepts and ideas to stimulate growth, margin, relief, cash and a future.

Methods to Pray On

Design the present as the past of the future. If you re-engineer mush

All you will have is re-engineered mush

Take advantage of the knowledge of the ages


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