The 1976 Promise for

Multi-application Smart Cards still a costly proposition

Then He suggested Integrate With your Pockets

My Canadian Payment CardsMy Canadian Identity cards and passport

The 1996 Version
 of the Wallet
My Wallet a Concept for the imagination and our convinience

The Card
I Designed

in memory of 9/11

My Smart Card with what I want on it and in it

During the 90's everyone spoke of the power of smart cards and the potential they offer in reducing the amount of plastic we have to carry in our wallets, purses and pockets.

Knowing We Can
Find the Technology

Lost 2009 September 21 when the water rose

Everyone sends me their card

My tailor argues that my wallet, PDA, MP3 & phone do not fit in my pockets

I continue to wonder if if the consumer
will understand the concept and more importantly, pay for it

In parallel Personal Digital Assistants, Global Positioning Systems, digital cameras and mobile telephony are converging in the world of consumer electronics. 

RIM brought email to the our belts.  Camera, MP3 player and contact list are inside too.  It's just a matter of time before all of these gadgets converge into "The Wallet" with all those magnetic strip cards inside.

Do we want everything in one electronic wallet or will some cards still exist?

We know them

Merchants recognize them

There is that feeling of security when we dip them into the terminal

More importantly we want control over the design of the card

"I Want a Pink Card So I Can Find It".

Key Result of Smart Card Research - Many Banks on One Card

In conjunction with AT&T, BAI and  PA&A conducted qualitative and  quantitative research on  the value and views the public had about the cards they carry and the potential smart cards could offer.

The various focus groups quickly understood what smart cards could do.

They articulated the issues that we are addressing: trust, privacy, interoperability & security

The public, had common interests in how they would organize the card

They wanted control over what was in their card.

The Quest

Create an object that fits in a man's back pocket, endures the torque and shock our existing leather wallet does and still is able to securely sign a payment transaction, like in EMV, make a phone call and allow us to update a spreadsheet

Cards and Things in my posckets