My Wallet

My Pockets circa 1997In an age of mass-market consumption, cellular phones, lap tops, palm pilots, Internet everywhere and mass mail through the post and via your computer there is a need to restore the fundamental principles of Service and Satisfaction.

“My Wallet” is an idea for a new age device that grew out of a desire to reduce the weight of technology, cards and keys carried on our body. The goal, create an all in one consumer device built for that customer centric unit of us.

My Pockets circa 1997 when in BelgiumThe concept arose out of market research, conducted on an international scale, focused on understanding the value of what we the consumer carry with us in our wallets.

Not surprisingly, the consumer immediately focused on the number of cards that they carried. They easily articulated the fact that certain cards “Blood Donor” were always carried even though they are rarely used. They also understood that the issue with cards was the hassle factor involved in replacing them when they were lost.

Payment cards and service cards (Air Miles, Library, Club) often were removed from the wallet. These decisions are based on each of our current life style plans.

Identify cards or passports carried with them a certain level of fear and we worry about the inconvenience of not having them when required and more importantly remember the trouble involved in replacing them when we misplace them.

The consumer quickly grasped the concept of smart cards, as a device that could help consolidate the cards and money into a few cards that they wanted to personalize the content themselves. One woman said it best “I want a Pink card so I can find it”.

My card Designed to Serve usWorking with this input and studying the behavior of “Road Warriors” an idea emerged. Why not take all of the technology that we carry, integrate it into a single device. Since the initial concept was born, technology has moved forward. Solar cells are smaller and more efficient. Various manufactures have built on the original integration of the Lap Top and GSM found in the Nokia 9000. The Palm is so successful that many have licensed the operating system and built a new generation of pocket size Smart Phones capable of supporting web access, email, calendars and your entire contact list.  More importantly, people have mastered Graffiti and the stylus and scribe notes into their phone.

That was then and now we see that Apple has moved forward with their strategy and the vertical integration Steve Jobs built will persist into the future.  Innovation while be their calling card.  Google and Android are doing very well.  I understand we might be delighted by what Microsoft is doing.  Stores for digital content have flourished and the value of having certification agents sitting in front of these enterprises make a lot of sense.  Certification to assure interoperability and security.

The next step is obvious Redesign our “Leather” wallet or purse “With A Bit Of Technology Inside”