What has this world come to

When we listen to the news we must think first of the bias of the reporter. This unfortunate truth is troubling in a world where the leader of the United States speaks of fake news and uses Twitter to stir up the masses. This body of citizens struggles with truth and is easily bent to believe what the leader says.

This particular charismatic leader, like many others in the past, is able to cause people to believe anything. The challenge these same people will follow both those with hi morals and those with any.

Jesus Christ, Siddhartha Gautama, Confucius, Laozi and a few others spoke wisely and became spiritual leaders many continue to follow.

Hitler to name one well remembered is like the one now President of this great country spreads lies and ferments hatred.

How can we rise above when so many are unwilling or is it unable to see the truth and rise above the madness these charismatic immoral individuals ferment.

That is the concern I have felt since first I looked upon the control the church exerts upon the mass.

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