Merry Christmas All

Welcome to the Andreae Secret Santa Wish List

This is the original message Liz sent via Messenger slightly modified.

Good afternoon, I am writing you this note to let you know that we are going to do Christmas a little different this year.

We are going to draw names (actually I’m going to use a random number generator to pick names from oldest to youngest) for whom you will buy Christmas presents.

Married couples will be treated as one unit, unless each member of the couple wants to buy a present.

The dollar amount for the presents will be between $50 and $150 (the lower dollar amount is for those who have just gotten out of school and just are starting with their jobs).
To make sure everyone gets what they want, we are each going to make a wish list with gifts in various price ranges. We will draw names after Thanksgiving.

Please post your wish list here and have it ready by December 1. This should be a fun new family tradition.

Please use the comment section below to publish your Christmas wishes. 

We assume Santa will also be reading entrees on this Blog and will be checking the list at least twice to find out who has been naughty or nice. Hint, Hint Santa Claus.

Philip will approve without edits or comment, all comments/wishes emanating from family members.  The need for approval is simply to avoid SPAM across the Blog

16 thoughts on “Andreae_XMAS_List-2020”

  1. A gift card to help buy fabric to reupholster the love seat and chair in our family room that our 20 year old cat is using as a scratching post.

    games like dominos, rummicube or anything new game. We have all the old classic games Clue, Life, Apples to Apples etc..

    Email Nicholas at or Emily – they always have great ideas

    1. Visa gift card to be used to buy fabric to reupholster my loveseat and chair that my 20 year old cat uses as a scratching post

      New games – we have a lot of the older ones

      I need 2 john b taylor vintage 10 1/8″ dinner plates. This website has one:

      Ask Nicholas or Emily, they always have great ideas.

  2. For secret Santa all I want is something small and fun, like a trinket that reminds you of a memory with me, or something you think will make me laugh:

    (ps if you are going to purchase online I suggest using a UK site rather than the US one to avoid any import charges, plus shipping will be cheaper).

    2 Pavilion Court, Pavilion Place
    EX2 4HR-UK

  3. Chris and I love black coffee, tea, and dark chocolate.

    Some tea suggestions include:
    – tumeric ginger tea (
    – green tea (és-Sencha-Ariake-Green/dp/B00M306S8S/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=palais+des+thes+sencha+ariake&qid=1607620119&sr=8-2)

    We’d also love a surprise with trying one of your favorite teas, black coffees, or dark chocolates!

  4. HomePod Mini, Space Gray

    Mynt Fine Indian Cuisine, 535 W. New England, Winter Park. 32789
    gift card

    Black Bean Deli A Cuban Cafe, Winter Park. Gift Card

  5. I am that for a gift that you think I would enjoy, or one that reminds you of me or relates to something we have shared

    Hobbies include:
    Making animation characters from polymer clay (fimo is what I currently use but would like to try super sculpy)
    Running – could do with a head light for night runs
    Acrylic paints – good for painting clay pieces
    Nintendo Switch game voucher
    Vinyl record to add to our collection (mainly David’s collection 🙂 )
    I love cookies – so cookies is always a great idea

  6. It would mean the world to us if our Secret Santa would Donate to the University of Virginia Women’s Center.

    This is where Kathryn Volunteered all of her time at college, helping with programs for young women, women with eating disorders, and those suffering from domestic abuse.

    Kathryn and Andrew

  7. A gift certificate to The Capital Grill or surprise us.

    We enjoy taking walks, and cooking together.

  8. Hi everyone!

    For xmas this year some things on my wish list are a decent pair of jogging headphones would be great, a puzzle or board game (I have settler’s of catan) or a portable space heater.


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