2018 Christmas List

Merry Christmas All

Welcome to the Andreae Secret Santa Wish List

All It seems we enjoyed the idea of the Christmas List as we used last year

Liz and I will arrange to use random number generator to create the secret Santa List

Married couples will be treated as one unit, unless each member of the couple wants to buy a present.

The dollar amount for the presents will be between $50 and $150 (the lower dollar amount is for those who have just gotten out of school and just are starting with their jobs).

To make sure everyone gets what they want and also respect each others situation.

Please include in your list of gifts, a number of gifts ranging from 50 to 150.

We will draw names the 26th of November.

Please post your wish list here and have it ready by December 15. This should be a fun new family tradition.

Please use the comment section below to publish your Christmas wishes.

We assume Santa will also be reading entrees on this Blog and will be checking the list at least twice to find out who has been naughty or nice. Hint, Hint Santa Claus.

Philip will approve without edits or comment, all comments/wishes emanating from family members.
The need for approval is simply to avoid SPAM across the Blog

20 thoughts on “2018 Christmas List”

  1. Leslie and George are asking for a “Date Night Gift Certificate” The Restaurants of choice are Hillstone Restaurant, 215 South Orlando Ave, Winter Park, Fl (407) 740-4005 or LUMA
    on Park Ave, Winter Park, Fl (407) 599-4111.

  2. My only thoughts are a gift certificate for Amazon.co.uk or some sort of voucher David and I can use to do something fun in NYC when we are there (27th – 29th April 2019) e.g. for a basketball game (not baseball), Hamilton tickets (evening), or tickets to the MoMA if that is possible.

    Top Floor Flat,
    22 Caledonia Place,
    BS8 4DL,
    United Kingdom

  3. Kathryn and I are hoping to get a wood cutting board for our kitchen. The ones we are looking at are not available on amazon, but links are below. We would prefer the maple wood version, but would be very happy with either! Lots of love – Andrew & Kathryn
    1)Bally Block Maple Wood Cutting Board – 24″ x 16″ x 1 3/4″ ($56 + shipping): https://www.webstaurantstore.com/bally-block-maple-wood-cutting-board-24-x-16-x-1-3-4/40711624.html
    2) Choice 24″ x 16″ x 1 3/4″ Wood Cutting Board in Rubberwood ($35 + shipping): https://www.webstaurantstore.com/choice-24-x-16-x-1-3-4-wood-cutting-board/164WCB1624.html

    Our address:
    Andrew Andreae and Kathryn Reichel
    1215 East Main St. Apt 2B
    Richmond, VA 23219

  4. Merry Christmas!! As you may know, Hank and I purchased a family lake house at Lake Burton this fall. We plan to use Grandmother Hudson’s china, but we don’t currently have 12 place settings. So what we would like for Christmas are replacements plates. They can be found at Replacement.com. The pattern is John B Taylor Vintage Olive Green. I have put the website of the pieces current available. They are looking for the other pieces for me. You can get free shipping if you use the code 49BF.

    We need:
    6 dinner plates ~10”
    6 luncheon plates 9 3/8”
    8 salad plates ~8”
    10 bread and butter plates 6”
    8 bowls ~6”



  5. Wooden Knife Block, (something along these lines but doesn’t have to be either): https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B004LT9AWA/ref=asc_df_B004LT9AWA57132086
    Set of Crockery: ie plates/bowls/etc.
    Set of Nice pots (NOT non-stick)
    Frying pan (yes non-stick)
    Griddle pan
    Steel Wok (flat bottomed please)
    Trombone SshhMute
    Bedside Lamp
    TV Stand
    The Darkling Child – Terry Brooks (Book)
    Equal Rites – Terry Pratchett (Book)
    7 Wonders (Board Game)
    Colt Express (Board Game)

    Please talk to Clio, Mum (Annabel_Nater@yahoo.co.uk), & Dad as they have all been given the same list.
    Love to all

  6. Everyone should leave their address like Andrew and Kathryn did

    Liz and Hank Booth
    2128 Hawthorne Point
    Marietta, Ga 30062
    770 378-0705

  7. Hello all!

    Matthew and I have just moved to a new place and we’re still getting settled, so an IKEA or John Lewis gift card (in £ if possible) would be amazing!!

    My email address isecbooth94@gmail.com and I’ll be home for Christmas so anything can be sent to the Booth house

    She will also be at Poppy’s for Christmas day.

    Or, we’d like to

  8. For Christmas Philip would like the happiness of Christmas and the warmth of friendship.

    Please send to Sea Island

    What I really want for Christmas
    $ 79.00

    Crystal or Glass Christmas ornaments

    A Christmas tree angel or star for the top of the tree

    Times Atlas of World History

    le crueset 9 inch cast iron skillet

  9. Ice Skates (size 9.5)
    Reflective ankle straps for a bike
    Interesting socks (surprise me!)
    A pair of sunglasses (not sporty, I like Wayfarer style)
    A mate set (like the argentine tea)

    3948 45th St. Sunnyside, NY 11104

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