Philip Andreae 

A Subject Matter Expert 
In the Field of Smart Cards

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Smart Card Definition

Smart Card, Integrated Circuit Card, ICC, Chip Card, Contactless Card, Carte Puce, Memory Card, Fob

PA&A Papers and Presentations

PA&A offers a half day executive overview
of what is happening with Smart Cards and
can help Banks, Retailers and Suppliers
define their Chip Card Strategy

Canadian Banks are Migrating to ChipCards

Philip came to Canada in 2002 to help Visa Canada Association drive the introduction of Chip on Visa payment cards.

he is helping


  • Credit Unions
  • Acquirers
  • Retailers
  • Vendors
  • Processors
  • Associations

To understand the benefits of protecting the payment system with smart cards based on the EMV standard.

From these executive overviews and brainstorming
emerges a vision of what the organization is willing to pursue.

My Wallet

At Europay Philip was one of the original Executives that forged the agreement and team to develop EMV '96.

Simultaneously Philip was hassling with SET and other mechanisms focused on combating Fraud on the Internet.

  • Employee Pilferage
  • Theft
  • Counterfeit
  • Cash Handling
Since 1982 Philip has been following the development of electronic solutions to alleviate the various problems associated with handling Notes and Coins:

The solution is there to find

History is littered with those that believed and those that could not see.