Canada is migrating all payment cards to EMV

In June of 2003 Visa Canada announced that it would migrate all Visa Cards to EMV Chip Cards beginning in October 2004.  Recently Visa told some members of the press that the Liability shift would occur in October of 2010.  What no one knows is what positive incentive  the acquirers will use to induce the large multi-lane merchants, who invest in their won PIN pads and Point of Sale Equipment to make the necessary investment in upgrading their systems to EMV compliance.                                      

PA&A's projection for the timeline of the Migration to Chip in Canada

June 2003

Visa Announces Launch Visa says there will be a Computer on every Credit Card

November 2003

Scotia Launches EMV Pilot Scotiabank and PaymenTech score another payment technology first

October 2004

Something To Stimulate Acquires to deploy Move to chip technology 'business as usual' for Moneris Solutions

January 2004

CTV Demonstrates How easy it is to Steal Money from the Canadian Banks CTV W-Five Program on Debit Card Fraud
Look for the Video clip "Your Money"

February 15th 2005

Interac Board Approves Migration to Chip Interac Presents Fraud Mitigation and Chip Migration Strategy to their Board

February 25th 2005

MasterCard confirms their Global Capabilities and their support for their members MasterCardís Market-Leading Chip Solutions Ready for Implementation in Canada - MasterCard Brings a World of Chip Experience to Canada

12 Canadian Issuers and 5 Acquirers Commit to Introduce MasterCard Chip Cards

October 18th 2005

Interac announces schedule for implementation

December 21st 2005

Chip Cards to Deliver Enhanced Capacity, Capability, and Customization for Payments

MasterCard Canada announced today that 12 of its card issuers will be working with MasterCard and five leading acquirers to introduce chip-enabled MasterCard payment cards in Canada by 2010. With 17 commitments to date on the migration to chip, MasterCard is leading the market in Canada.

31 December 2007 All new Interac compliant devices must be EMV and PCI

Second half 2007 

Start of Field Trial
October 2008 All New devices must be PCI compliant

October 2010

Visa Canada shifts Liability to Merchants without Chip Terminals to Protect Chip Cards issued by Visa Issuers

Dec 31, 2010

Interac will Fine for non-compliance

% of Cards/Devices to be Converted
In Each Market Segment

Dec 31, 2010

Dec 31, 2012

Dec 31, 2015

Deposit-taking ATMs




Other ATMs




POS Devices (excluding AFD devices)




Automated Fuel Dispensing (AFD) Devices




Debit Cards with PINs




December 31, 2012

All Automated Bank Machines Converted

All Interac Cards have a Chip in them

Magnetic stripe transactions will not be permitted for debit card cash withdrawals in the SCD Service after December 31, 2012. No end-date will be set for acceptance of magnetic stripe credit card cash advance transactions in the SCD Service.

December 31, 2015

All Point of Sale Devices converted Magnetic stripe transactions will not be permitted in the IDP Service after December 31, 2015.

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