In the Beginning

03/17/2012 13:52:55 -0400 –    My history is in three stages.

In the beginning, June 1976 , the first 4 years on the job computer sciences programming to executive office experience.  Next 5 years as a project / program manager.  I built trading rooms on Wall Street.  Then to Europe to build rooms in Victoria and the City of London.  This created a reputation of delivering cutting edge results in solutions constrained by tight budgets, limited execution time frames and complex user requirements.

The next phase, leadership and operating at the C level.  the focus, build a world class transaction processing, clearing and settlement systems while upgrading, enhancing, expanding and operating a 120 end point European network.  A network that moved money, servers consumers and supports merchants.  Requiring 5 nines and capacity to absorb seasonal peaks.  All managed by driving  quality initiatives, enduring EDP audits, introducing information engineering techniques, striving to innovate and assure product leadership.

in 1993 UI got caught up in smart cards, EMV, fraud, identity, credential, certificates and cryptography.  in 2008 I could can claim responsibility for the technology in 1.4 billion Bank Cards and 20 million merchant terminals.

Through all of this the challenges of management and the cycles of the economy.  On one occasion, right after moving to Shearson Lehman Brothers and as a result of the huge investment made to support the deregulation of the London stock market, I had to engineer a 35% downsizing.  An interesting memory of what we went through as a result of the fall of Lehman September 15th, 2008.

In 1984 I established PA&A and operated under this logo through some most interesting periods of my career.  I successfully helped business, operations and technology executive identity their opportunities and focus on their issues.  The drive always focused on client value, mentoring product and project team and look for stakeholder returns.

In 2008 I began thinking about Mobile Financial Services circa 2009.


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