In the Beginning

03/17/2012 13:52:55 -0400 –    My history is in three stages.

In the beginning, June 1976 , the first 4 years on the job computer sciences programming to executive office experience.  Next 5 years as a project / program manager.  I built trading rooms on Wall Street.  Then to Europe to build rooms in Victoria and the City of London.  This created a reputation of delivering cutting edge results in solutions constrained by tight budgets, limited execution time frames and complex user requirements.

The next phase, leadership and operating at the C level.  Our goal to building transaction processing, clearing and settlement systems while expanding and operating a 120 point European network, requiring 5 nines and capacity for Seasonal peaks: quality initiatives, EDP audits, information engineering techniques, innovation and product leadership.

Got caught up in smart cards, EMV, fraud, identity, credential, certificates and cryptography; we can claim responsibility for the technology in 1.4 billion Bank Cards and 20 million merchant terminals.

I did, have one occasion to engineer a 35% downsizing, resulting from my commissioning as the Director European Telecommunications, Shearson Lehman, London.  An interesting memory of what we are currently going through (circa September 15th, 2008).

In 1984 I established PA&A and employ it only some most interesting periods of my career.  I successfully created the ability to help business, operations and technology executive view their opportunities and issues.  Focusing on client value, drive mentor products and projects, look at operations & solutions while focusing stakeholder returns.

In 2008 I was thinking is about Mobile Financial Services circa 2009.


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