Philip Andreae

Sample Accomplishments



·         Executive at Europay responsible for “EMV International Specifications for Smart Card Payments”

·         Led development of internet payments strategy starting in 1993

·         Led team in the design of International Authorization and Clearing System

·         Expanded a technology team from 65 to 185 people, supporting a 30% annual growth rate

·         Managed an operation downsize from 72 to 49 people, saving $25 million while maintaining and improving original service levels

·         Managed Voice, Data and Market Data for numerous trading rooms in New York and London

·         Developed EMV Strategies for three organizations faced with impending deadlines

·         Led the Canadian launch of Verify by Visa “VbV” using TV, online and print media

·         Facilitated Visa Canada Board’s internal deliberations regarding their plan to deploy chip cards aka smart cards

·         Helped data and search engine technology enterprise develop market strategy

·         Developed responses to proposal for CGI for submission to TD Merchant Services and the GTA Fare Collection System

·         Submitted several bids for business models and project implementations for prime contractor

·         Managed the database for Blue Cross Blue Shield Claims and Benefits Portal

·         Served as Managing Director of Paris-based Vault (payments and Sign-on applet) software provider 

·         Served as COO of London-based international payment gateway supplier

·         Interim Director Financial Services Consulting EMEA - Europe, Middle East and Africa

·         Defined business requirements for a disruptive security technology with a security of 1 in 1036th

·         Worked with international telecommunications suppliers to develop their eCommerce Strategy


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