A Consumers Dream

Today's Challenge must be solved with a layered approach to identity and authentication. This original vision, begun in 1996 while thinking of smart cards and dreaming of the convergence of leather and technology, saw our personal digital assistance, the mobile concierge as the future.


Leading edge products and services is what I have enjoy bringing to market.

Be it the telecommunications and cash management technologies of the 70’s, the trading room technologies of the 80’s e.g. Shearson Lehman, Solomon Brothers, Bankers Trust, the card payment infrastructure e.g. Europay merger, EMV, Mobile wallet concepts, smart card activities of the 90’s, the disparate elements of payments at the beginning of to the millennium or this past decade where the focus has be on mobile payments, EMV in the USA and FIDO .

The next decade I would like to dedicate myself to building out and deploying appropriate solutions to the question of Trust, Identity and ___?

The and ___ is the question.  Is it Blockchain, payment technologies, the business case for contactless cards, centralized versus decentralized biometric authentication, tokenization, mobile wallets, faster payments or any of your firms challenges.

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